How to Download HP P1007 Printer Driver

HP P1007 printer needs a special software called driver. Drivers are use to talk to your computer. These drivers work for both 32 and 64-bit system. they are good for Windows 10 all the way down to Windows XP.

HP P1007 Printer Driver
HP P1007 Printer Driver

HP LaserJetP1007 Printer Driver Advantage

  1. Works with many Windows versions: If you got your Windows computer from 2001 till now, it’ll probably work with this software.
  2. It’s smart: Even if you are not sure which Windows you have then the software figures it out. It also knows if your Windows is 32 or 64 bit. You don’t need to worry or guess about it.

HP P1007 Printer Driver Specification

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: P1007
  • Printer Type: Monochrome Printer
  • Printer Speed: Black14 Ppm
  • Toner Type: HP LaserJet CC388A

Download HP P1007 Printer Driver For Windows

Driver NameOSBitsDownload Links
Download HP P1007
Windows Drivers
Windows 1064/32Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit
Download HP P1007
Windows Drivers
Windows 1164/32Download
Download HP P1007 Windows Drivers

Download HP P1007 Printer Driver For MAC OS

Driver NameOSDownload Links
Download HP P1007 MAC OS DriversmacOSDownload
Download HP P1007 Drivers Free for MAC OS

Download HP P1007 Printer Driver For Linux

Driver NameVersionDownload Links
Download HP P1007
Drivers for Linux
Download HP P1007 Drivers Free for Linux

Download HP P1007 Printer Driver from Official HP Website

By following some simple steps you can download divers from official website. These steps are:

  1. Visit the HP Support Website 👉““.
  2. Enter and Search model of your printer 👉Search “HP P1007 Printer”.
  3. Select you printer model 👉”HP P1007 Printer“.
  4. Choose your System 👉 Choose “Operating System or MAC OS”.
  5. Choose Version of your system 👉 Choose “Windows 10 or Windows 11 etc”.
  6. Click Download 👉 This will start download.
  7. Install Drivers 👉Go to “Download Folder” in your system and “Double Click” On download file to install the drivers.
  8. Connect the Printer 👉 Once your Drivers are installed, Connected your HP P1007 Printer to your system.
  9. Complete Setup 👉 Follow any prompt to complete the setup.
  10. Test the Printer 👉 try any printing activity to test your printer or newly installed drivers.

Tip 📖: If you are not sure which driver choose, you can use Driver Update Utility for HP P1007. It is a helpful tool that finds right driver for you without you needing to do anything.

Printer drivers are like messengers that tell your printer how to print what you see on your computer screen. They change text and pictures into a language your printer can understand. This helps the printer tell your computer things like paper problems.

Different modes in the printer, like Recycled, Color, or Vellum let printer adapt to different types of paper. Some modes can print on cardstock or clear sheets. Depending on the paper you use you will pick a grams-per-square-meter number. Light paper is less than 74 grams regular is 75 to 104 grams and heavy is 105 grams.

You can find these modes in the Printer Properties tab. if you want to change things like paper size, how many pages per sheet, or quality, you can do that in the Printing Preferences tab.

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How many watts is the HP LaserJet P1007?

315 watts (printing), 3 watts (ready), 3 watts (sleep)

Which cartridge is used in HP LaserJet P1007?

SPS CC388A / 88A Toner Cartridge 

What is monochrome printer?

Printers use only black ink or toner.

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